2008年6月30日 星期一

Test on Stress

It's test time!!!

Today is Monday, and will you have Monday blues too? So how are you all lately? Do you feel any stress from work or school? Why not just take the test below and see how is the level of your stress then. Check it out below:

There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals around it which are King Kong, Ape, Orang Utan and an ordinary Monkey.

Well, they decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.

Who do you guess will win?

Your answer will reflect your stress level.

Think carefully, try to answer within 30 seconds...

Got your answer?

Scroll down for the analysis.

If your answer is:

Orang Utan = You're sick!

= You need a break!

= Worse, you suppose to be in the hospital right now!

King Kong
= I think you better take 1 month leave!




A coconut tree doesn't have bananas!!!

Obviously you are stressed and overworked.

Take some time and relax ya! Have a nice day and work hard ya!


This is just a relax post for you all, as I adapted from email which I received today. Hopefully this post can make you laugh a bit. =)

2008年6月29日 星期日

Zodiac - Gemini

It's Zodiac time!!!

The zodiac, Gemini, is the next research which I'm going to share with you all tonight. Want to know more about what is hidden in Gemini? Just scroll down and check it out ya!

Special Dedication to: Sally, Miyuki, Mei Theng, Janelle, Barbie, 沙胡, Jyue and Yap Jin.

GEMINI 双子座 (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, the Twins, is the third astrological sign in Zodiac.

双子座, 双胞胎, 是在占星里排名第三的星座.

-Energetic 积极-

-Smartness 机灵-

-Imaginative 想象-

-Independent 独立-

-Adaptable 适应力强-


-Superficial 肤浅-

-Impulsive 冲动-

-Restless 不平静-

-Boastful 自夸-

-Indecisive 优柔寡断-

Gemini people are two sided, quick both in the mind and physically. They are brimming with energy and vitality, they are clever with words. They are intelligent and very adaptable to every situation and every person.

双子座是拥有双面性格的, 无论是在思想和身体上. 他们是充满能量和活力, 而且他们也是蛮聪明的. 他们的智能可以非常适应每一种情况和每个人.

Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules.
Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them.

双子座是非常独立的, 而他们也不会被任何人或任何规则打倒. 改变和自由对双子座是非常重要的,他们不会让任何人支配.

They have interesting opinions and thoughts on things and are not afraid to speak their mind. But sometimes they will talk boastfully and self-praise.

他们会有些有趣的意见与想法, 而且不害怕说出自己的看法. 但有时他们会很自夸和太过自我赞扬.

Instead of looking deep into a person's real qualities, Gemini will judge a person by the way they treat them. This can lead Gemini to have wrong impressions of people and can cause problems in relationships.

双子座会从别人怎样去对待他们的方式来判断一个人, 而不是去从一个人的真正能力来判断. 这可能导致双子座对别人有错误的印象和会带来感情上的问题.

Gemini are superficial, they will form opinions on matter without diving into them and exploring them fully. Routine and boredom are Gemini's biggest fears.

双子座是肤浅的, 他们会发表那些未曾经过思考的意见. 例行和无聊是双子座最大的恐惧.


Do you have any friends who are Gemini too? How do you think on their characteristics? Just share with us more on that.

双子座的吗? 你觉得他们的特征是如何呢? 跟大家一起分享吧.

Kickapoo Joy Juice

It's juicy time!!!

Most of you all had drink Kickapoo Joy Juice before right?

Just now I found out there are some coffee shops still will serve the traditional bottle of carbonated drinks.

I just like to drink this, because it is so refreshing and the taste is good of course!

How is your weekend everyone? Have a nice day to you all ya!!!

2008年6月27日 星期五

Zodiac - Taurus

It's Zodiac time!!!

I'm here again for the analysis of the second zodiac. Yes, the zodiac right after Aries will be the Bull, Taurus! Here my research goes...

Special Dedication to: Anne, 紫绵羊, Ling Ling, Audrey, Kelvin and Wan May.

TAURUS 金牛座 (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, the Bull, is the second astrological sign in Zodiac.

金牛座, 公牛, 是在占星里排名第二的星座.

-Dependable 可靠-

-Persistent 稳定-

-Loyal 忠心-

-Patient 耐心-

-Generous 慷慨-


-Stubborn 固执-

-Laziness 怠惰-

-Possessive 占有欲-

-Materialistic 唯物主义-

-Self-indulgent 任性-

Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. Solid and persistent, just like the bull, which is Taurus' well suited symbol.

金牛座具有巨大的毅力,甚至当别人都放弃,他或她还是会继续坚持下去. 坚实和稳定, 就像是头公牛最适合的象征.

Taurus's have a well known reputation for being stubborn, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Taurus are not fond of change. They like the familiar and routine comfort of life.

金牛座有每个人都所共知的顽固, 这不一定是件坏事. 金牛座不喜欢改变. 他们喜欢熟悉的和例行的舒适生活.

Taurus tend to be self-indulgent and lazy, Taurus are master procrastinators of the astrology zodiac!

金牛座往往是自我放纵和懒惰, 金牛座是十二星座里最会拖延的!

Taurus are deeply sensitive, the slightest comment or negative remark will be taken personally and they can easily get offended or hurt.

金牛座很敏感, 稍有点评论或负面的言论都会收在心里面, 而他们也是很容易就收伤害.

Taurus is easy going and not one to pick a fight but should some poor souls attempt to provoke Taurus, the wrath will be known, for they have a temper underneath the calm surface.

金牛座的人很随和, 不容易跟他人吵架, 不过千万不要去特地做到金牛座生气, 后果自负!


Do you have any friends who are Taurus too? How do you think on their characteristics? Just share with us more on that.

金牛座的吗? 你觉得他们的特征是如何呢? 跟大家一起分享吧.

2008年6月26日 星期四

Little Cottage Cafe

It's lunch time!!!

Have you ever heard about Western Set Lunch which the price is just RM9.90 only? The set lunch will include of butter and bread, soup, main course, dessert and a cup of coffee or tea.

Little Cottage Cafe, is the place where I'm going to introduce to you all. It is a nice place to go, why? Let's check it out!

"Little Cottage Cafe serves fine and delicious Western and Italian Cuisine. We are located in Penang Island (Pearl of the Orient) in Malaysia. From juicily grilled beef steak to Italian "Marinara" pasta and fragrantItalian mushroom rice, we have much much more variety in our menu to serve you. It is designed to pamper your taste buds - children alike …in fact, … the whole world." - quoted from the website.

The cute little chef statue which stands in front of the cafe.

Nice decoration beside the table, well, it gives me a relax and romantic feeling for me.

The inner view of the cafe

The menu, which you can choose your main course from the price of RM 9.90, RM15.90 or RM19.90. Trust me, it is very worth for a try!

The bread and the butter

The soup, which is chicken mushroom soup to be exact.

Golden Fried Fish Fillet (RM9.90), this is the cheapest and tasty Western Set Lunch I ever found in the city! Thumbs up to the chef for this wonderful cuisine!

Grilled Turkey Ham, a nice dish also!

Tiramisu pudding as dessert

After the meal, it is time for me to have a cup of coffee, of course I like it!

This is the map to this cafe

There is another outlet which is the Little Cottage 2, and I'm going to there sooner or later for more photos! Do check it up later ya!

2008年6月25日 星期三

Zodiac - Aries

It's Zodiac time!!!

Today onwards I will start to introduce what are the 12 Zodiacs all about, as I'm quite interested in this Zodiac information.

Well, you guys can tell me more about the characteristics in my comment box there if I have miss out anything ya!

Special Dedication to: Xin Yi, Kek Han, Yi Min, Yen Lin and Geok Kee.

白羊座 (March 21 - April 20)

Aries, the Ram, is the first astrological sign in Zodiac.

白羊座, 公羊, 是在占星里排名第一的星座.

-Independent 独立-

-Generous 大方-

-Optimistic 乐观-

-Enthusiastic 热情-

-Courageous 勇敢-


-Moody 情绪化-

-Short-tempered 易怒-

-Self-involved 单独行动-

-Impulsive 冲动-

-Impatient 急躁-

Aries is the first of the zodiac signs. Aries is the sign of the self, people born under this sign strongly project their personalities onto others and can be very self-oriented.

白羊座是位于第一的十二星座. 白羊座是自我的象征, 出生的人在白羊座的个性往别人身上放映, 并可以非常自我为导向.

Aries tend to venture out into the world and leave impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative.

白羊座往往走出去融入世界, 展现给他人并让他们知道白羊座是令人振奋的, 充满活力和健谈.

Aries tend to live adventurous lives and like to be the center of attention, but rightly so since they are natural, confident leaders. Aries are enthusiastic about their goals and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

白羊座往往喜欢冒险和希望得到注意, 因为他们是自然和自信的领导人. 白羊座热衷于它们的目标和享受惊险刺激的行动.

Aries are very impulsive and usually do not think before they act - or speak.

白羊座是很冲动, 通常讲话和行动都不会考虑先.


Do you have any friends who are Aries too? How do you think on their characteristics? Just share with us more on that.

你有朋友也是白羊座的吗? 你觉得他们的特征是如何呢? 跟大家一起分享吧.

2008年6月24日 星期二

Chinese Pancake at Teluk Bayan

It's pancake time!!!

Guys, don't kick me ya, as I'm going to post another food entry tonight. It will be the Chinese Pan Cake or 曼煎糕 in mandarin or Ban Jian Koay in Hokkien. There are lots of Chinese Pancake's stalls in Penang which are famous.

As entry for tonight, I'm going to introduce you all the stall at Teluk Bayan Hawker Centre, which located near Bayan Lepas roundabout, and it is just beside Shell Petrol Station.

The stall is located at the back of the hawker centre.

There are kinda lotsa flavors and ingredients to add into your pancakes, such as Peanut Butter, Banana, Raisin, Cheese, Sambal Prawn, Tuna Fish, Pork Frossy, Ham and Chicken Sausage.

But for me, I prefer the original pancake which the ingredients inside are Peanut and Sweet Corn.

After you have placed your orders, the aunty will prepare the pancake for you.

After the pancake is ready, the aunty will add in peanut and sweet corn on it. Well, that is my pancake!

This pancake is one of the best in town! Yummy and delicious! Remember guys, enjoy it while it is hot and crispy!

It is quite cheap because it is just RM1.00 for each pancake (Peanut and Sweet Corn).

There are still got some stalls which are famous too in Penang, and I'm going to hunt them down too! Wait for me ya!

2008年6月23日 星期一

Special Project - Leo Forum 2008

It's Fashion time!!!

During 10th District 308 B2 Leo Forum 2008 which held in Ipoh last few weeks ago, the committee managed to carry out a special project, which is the Recycled Items. This special project was carried out in conjunction of International Environmental Week.

The delegates were required to design a creative costume and then presented it on second day of the Forum.


Are you going to date me out tonight? *laugh*

Some other creative costumes!

The Mask and The Iceman, as according to the name given by them.

Yer, please don't look at me!

I got sword and shield, who dares to fight with me?

The best creative costume falls to team Iceman! Congratulations on the hard work for the costume, nice job!

A group photo with all the teams and Lions.

The objective of this event is to create awareness on how to use recycled items for environmental purposes.

So, how do you about the Special Project above?

2008年6月22日 星期日

Famous Chicken Rice at Perak Lane

It's lunch time!!!

I guess I have missed out of my food post recently, as this week I posted more on my Gundam Collections. Oops sorry, now I'm coming back as food hunter again!

Today I want to introduce you all the famous Chicken Rice which located at Perak Lane, just opposite of Bandar Baru Supermarket. This stall offers roaster duck rice too!

The front view of the stall

Duck, pork, chicken and char siew hanged on and waiting for customers' orders.

The boss was preparing the orders for customers. Normally it will get really busy during lunch time and it will end up the business around 3pm.

For me, I like to eat char siew for most of the time!

Delicious look all the time!

I will start my college 2nd semester on tomorrow morning, have to refresh my study mood and get on going with my studies!

Sky Photo - Part 4

Sorry folks, I faced some difficulties to get myself online just now, so I posted up a bit late.

I want to share with you all the photos of sunshine which I took recently. Let the photos do most of the talking!

The cloud covered up the sky and blocked the sunshine.

Sooner, a bit of sunshines showed up!

More and more sunshines!

Wow, can you see that? I love this photo very much!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!!!

2008年6月20日 星期五

Segafredo at Juru Auto City

It's Coffee time!!!

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, is a familiar place for you all right? Sometimes I will go to there with some friends and have our guys and gals conversation there, with some cups of coffee, and that's for sure! For the people who stays at Butterworth, I'm pretty sure that you will know where is the Auto City at Juru, the most happening place around Butterworth area!

This time I went to Segafredo which located at Juru Auto City with some friends of mine!

The front view of the bar

The Segafredo Zanetti Espresso brand became synonymous with Italian coffee shops on April 1, 1988, when the first bar opened in Paris on Boulevard des Italiens. Soon after,
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso opened branches worldwide!

The inner view of the bar

The menu, simple and easy to view!

Segafredo Signature's Drink, Mondo Misto! It is a very nice coffee iced blended with cream on top of it! Why not you guys try for it when you go there next time?

This is the Iced Mocha, normal but the drink tastes great!

Well, this is Blue Lagoon, a cocktail which the bartender introduced to us!

Say cheese to the camera ya!

Handsome Wen Khai, Ryan and me of course (in pink again!?).

Charlie and Janice, and hey, what are you doing Charlie?

Feel free to join with friends and taste the coffee or any drinks at Segafredo nearby around you, I bet you will have a memorable moment with your friends!