2008年6月4日 星期三

Banquet "Black & White" - Leo Forum 2008

It's Banquet time!!!

Last week, Friday to Sunday, was the annual event for every Leo in District 308 B2, which is the 10th District 308 B2 Leo Forum. It was held in Heritage Hotel and some of events were held in different places.

We got several events during the occasion, which included Team Building, Fellowship Night (Theme: Starlight Night), Opening Ceremony, Awards Presentation, Banquet (Theme: Black & White) and Closing Ceremony. I was given the chance to handle Banquet, together with a partner, Zhi Yi, and the first thing I need to take care is the decoration! God, how to decorate the dinner into a formal with Black and White colour? I received a lots of comments that the dinner will become somesort like funeral dinner!

Don't you think so, Black and White equals to funeral environment? Haha, fear not, my fellow sub-committees and I managed to decorate it into a nice environment! My fellow friends, let me show you all the Banquet dinner, which the theme is Black & White!

The view from stage, so how you think about the decoration? Oh ya, this dinner was held at Florex Restaurant, Ipoh.

Take a photo before the dinner starts! Leo Foong Chee Keat (Deputy Forum Organising Committee Chairperson), Leo Anna Chan (Fellowship Night) and me of course! All in white!

Thanks to Leos from Leo Club of St. Bernadette's Convent who helped on ushering the VIPs!

The master of ceremony for the night, Leo Geraldine Cheong and Leo Chung Zhao Farn (Fried Rice)

Both of them really good in taking care of the ceremony! Salute to them!

The main table for the night, and I'm proudly to say that I decorated the table settings. Hehe.

Leo Club of St Michael Institution from Ipoh, and all of them quite handsome!

The Leos were talking to each other and enjoying the crowd!

Wow, so many pretties and cool guys!

This photo looked great! All of them were enjoying themselves!

Sit down, relax and enjoy the show!

The Opening Dance for the night, which performed by D'One Studio! It was a cool dance!

Next is the magic show performance by Leo Allan Woo from Leo Club of Penang Light, and it was an illusive performance!

Singing performance by Leo Idol Champion 2008, Leo Alvin! He was a great idol to everyone on the floor!

The funny and hilarious RCC Alan Thoo and Forum Organising Committee Chairperson, Leo Eliza Chia, who is one of my best friend too!

Kok ah Kok, received his District Governor's Special Appreciation Award and he was the Top Leo Member also! Congratulation to him!

Well for me, I received Outstanding Secretary on the night, and it was a surprise for me too!

I'm very proud of someone that night, and the one is my apprentice, Leo Chan Yi Min. She received her first and ever Top Secretary!

Let's welcome the Top Club of the year, which is Leo Club of SMK Assunta from Petaling Jaya. Josephine, are you going to roar over here?

Another Top Club of alpha category, Leo Club of SMJK Sam Tet, which is from Ipoh.

Top Club of omega category, Leo Club of Penang (City)! You guys are doing great for the whole fiscal year!

Kampai! Or should I say Cheers? Enjoy yourselves then!

Let's enjoy ourselves = LEO? Yeah, come on, just enjoy the night!

Before the programme comes to an end, all the Lions and Leos must stand up and sing along the Lions Song: The Lions Spirit! Hey guys, can you spot me?

Some of the Leos can leave the restaurant after the dinner, but most of them were getting crazy for the footloose beside the stage!

Are you guys enjoying the night? Hopefully yes!

That's all for the Banquet, following post will be the Team Building in the 10th District 308 B2 Leo Forum.

These photos are not belong to me, but belong to District 308 B2 Leo Forum, and thanks to the official photographer, KokahKok who took the photos for this Forum.

82 則留言:

Dragon 提到...

wah me again wor.... hahaha

Kikey 提到...

aiyah... Dragon...
i thought u sleep liao...

Kikey 提到...

late u one minute, cos i answer a call from my host mum.

Akira, many leng cai n leng lui there leh... :)

Akira 思胜 提到...

Wah, I thought u are away, how come u grabbed so fast? hahaha...

U also one kaki, hahaha... so fast!!!

匿名 提到...

The banquet night is real fun for us Assuntarian la.. were busy concentrating on the emcee till no mood to eat -.- hahaha

yea, I did roar on the stage.. well, all assuntarians JUMPED on the stage.. luckily it didn't collapse =X hahaha I know girls from girl school can be ganas at times =P =X

LEO stands for Love Each Other as well la.. *claps* hahaha


mei theng 提到...

anna looked so pretty.
wah, sam tet is the top club..
who's that from my ex school? couldnt recognise her.
yeah, smi got a lot of cute guys 1 eh, hahaha!
oh, like that la, came to ipoh also din message me la. haha

Akira 思胜 提到...

haha, u lost to dragon another time... haha... next time lar...

Yeah, so many handsome and pretties there... hahaha... wanna go?

Dragon 提到...

i tell u hor... this is fate one... i fall asleep on my sofa... then i force myself to wake up and go brush teeth. i came over to my pc room and check on my blog. then i refresh yours, nothing. then again, u have new post! wakakakaka.

wow, such a long post with all the photos!!! i think u have a very very nice dinner that night! so do u spotted any leng lui there?? must take phone number ya..... kekekekekeke.

靓靓sally =^_^= 提到...

wow.. alot of photos oh..
congratulations! u hv done a good job!

Kikey 提到...

sure... next time recommend some leng cai to me lah... hehe.. :)

fififiona 提到...

wow..so many leng zai..
i wan their contact numbers!!!
pity i cant grab the sofa..><

Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, glad to know that you all are enjoyed during the Banquet, why so concentrated on the emcee? Haha, waiting for the announcement of the awards?

Luckily the stage dint collapsed, haha, but I knew that you all jumped a lots up there! haha...

LEO can stand Love Each Other, Let's Enjoy Ourselves and Late Every Occassion too!!! haha...

Thanks for your comment ya, I really appreciated it!

Akira 思胜 提到...

Mei Theng:
Yeah, she is really pretty after all... haha...
I think the name is Li Min, can u recognise her?
Sorry ya, I was too busy and forgot to inform the friends in Ipoh too... Gomen nasai ya!

Akira 思胜 提到...

Wah, then u really got the destiny with my blog today... hahaha... U slept on sofa, then can sofa from here!!! U really got the fate lar... haha...

Thanks for ur comment ya, and yeah, that was my first time to organise this dinner, and I feel great!!! Get numbers? Nah, no time for me to do so lar... Or u personally want it? haha...

Akira 思胜 提到...

Thanks ya!!! Luckily the dinner was carried out very smoothly...

haha, sure, no problem, u come back 1st lar...

Haha, u wan the contact numbers also? Okiez, spot on which one u wan, then tell me, I will find for u... hehe...

Tau Sar Phneah 提到...

adoi...tepi longkang again..muahaha..

wah..very grand le..the whole atmosphere was black and white..(it doesnt look like funeral, choi choi..haha)

trully amazing...so many leos were there..

and, not to forget all the leng zhais and leng luis...did u spot any?? haha..

Akira 思胜 提到...

aiya, dont say tepi longkang lar, u are mostly welcome to sit at here....

haha, thanks to my committees who helped on the decoration there and made the dinner looked so grand! Luckily it didn't look like funeral dinner... haha... choi!

Leng lui? no lar, no time for me to do that also... hahaha...

BeverLy's Secret 提到...

You very bad..
you called your friend "chao fan"...
damn funny...

seriously, it sounds alike...

SockPeng 提到...

congratulation !!on ur surprise gift
grand dinner!! y not food photo ?

jiani 提到...


K3ViN 提到...

wah dragon really keng lor.... dont know how many round he manage 2 grab the sit..... I also keep my eye on ur post but i cant tahan then go 2 sleep 1st lor :P anyway the dinner look very grand n it doesnt look like funeral.... Choi keke. For 1st this really a good experience 4u lor... Can feel u really enjoy on tat nite :P Wah many leng cai n leng lui..... I dont believe u dint get any number lor :P keke

alvincheng 提到...

It was so cool

levian 提到...

woa !! flooded with photographs, took forever to load your page. i think my line isn't too good today. XD the last few group photographs rocks !! the high-angle thingy works like a charm !! *thumsbup* ;)

Chobits 提到...

Firstly, i would like to praise you for taking up such a great and sucessfully banquet dinner. Well done Akira!

Don't worry, the decoration doesn't look like a funeral at all, in fact it looks very grand and royal. And..not to miss out the professional decoration for their tables too. Second well done for you!

I spotted two leng lui inside, Most Pretty Miss Leo go to Anna Chan and Chan Yi Min, can i get their numbers? Hehe~ ^^
For leng zai group, SMI let me think of 棒棒堂 from Taiwan, haha~ ^^

Leo Geraldine Cheong and Leo Chung Zhao Farn (Fried Rice) look capable and young, glad that you have them but you are so bad called people fried rice, lol~ >.<

Magic show, Idol Alvin, Dancing and Awards, and not to forget the main aim behind all these - CHARITY! All seems so interesting, fun and meaningful! I think this is what all of us are looking for.

I wish that i was one of the Leo member too when i was in secondary so that i can get the chance to meet up with many friends and you; got the chance to do charity; improve my communication skill, etc.

Leo can really learn a lot of things. Keep it up although you may face sadness and stress, but when you look back all the things you have done, it's WORTH! It's worth you know, it's great and am very proud of you.(though i said this many times haha)

Lastly, remind you about your own meaningful words again: The Best Part in Life is the CHANCE to work hard and worth while doing.


Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, most of his friends really called him like that, and sometimes I added some ingredients to make it special, like Belachan Fried Rice, Tomyam Fried Rice etc. Haha =p But he is ok with it.

Sock Peng:
Sorry ya, Kok just focus took photos on the event but not the food. Haha. Too busy lor...

可以啊, 你就来这里找我吧, 我可以带你去参加那些活动的... 很好的一项活动哦... 嘻嘻...

Somewhere in Singapore 提到...

Thanks for sharing... Nowaday Dragon veri fast... grap sofa seat...

Akira 思胜 提到...

haha, he is really geng, no doubt!
Haha, we really enjoyed the dinner after all, and that was a priceless experience for me too! I did not get any numbers that night, sorry ya! haha...

Yeah, want to join me as well? hehe =p

Oh, no wonder, because I did not see you online also. But is ok, take your time and view it next time ok? Haha, that is the photographer's work, and he really took the photos very good!

Vincent Cho 提到...


Anne 提到...


天狼星 提到...


liciece 提到...


Akira 思胜 提到...

Thanks ya! I appreciated it very much! Yeah, I do learn a lots from this dinner!

For the decoration, I have to givecredits to my fellow committees who have helped on that! They really did a lots on the decoration there! Thanks for your praises again!

Haha, you want their contacts? Sure, no problem! I will give you later! My apprentice would be very proud to know that =p

Yeah, they are still young but they are really good in emcees that part! Haha, most of his friends really called him like that, and sometimes I added some ingredients to make it special, like Belachan Fried Rice, Tomyam Fried Rice etc. Haha =p But he is ok with it.

Yeah, all we did are for charity, and we need to give back some to the community! Although there are some singing performances, but I can see most of the delegates really enjoyed the performances.

I know, it is ok, I will teach you whatever I know ok? But one condition, you need to tell me what you want to know first, hehe =p

Yeah, Leo really give me the chance to learn lots of things. Stress is one the knowledge too, to let us encounter it! It is worth to join Leo although some people would think it is a waste of time and money. Thanks again, and I know you will support me all the times too!

Haha, that is my phrase right? I dont mind to give you as guidance too! 别轻言放弃, 否则对不起自己哦!!!

Cheers and Arigatou gozaimasu!

Akira 思胜 提到...

谢谢你哦... =)

嗯, 我也觉得很成功咯, 花不少钱? 哈哈, 都已经是在配套里的咯... 我过后才解释吧... 嘻嘻...
以黑白为主, 是很棒, 可是我们起初就怕变成葬礼咯... 哈哈...
是他们参加者玩得很疯狂咯, 嗯, 到十一点多而已咯...

Akira 思胜 提到...

哈哈, 你真的是夸张咯, 看起来很普通而已啦... 只是比较白而已咯... 哈...

嗯, 我还有很多事情还没分享的哦... 嘻嘻... 你就每天来看看吧... 嘻嘻...

匿名 提到...

LEO stands for Learn from Each Other also =P

Akira 思胜 提到...

Yeah, u are right!!! hehe... But not for Late Every Occasion ya!!! hehe... Sometimes I will use it for jokes when I late for meeting... hehe...

Piggy 提到...

Wow, so grand the event....everyone looked so contented and happy....great :)

Akira 思胜 提到...

yeah, u are correct! hehe... Glad to know that it was a success event!

bearlim 提到...

This is a great banquest, isnt? hehe^^
last but not least, congratulation!!! :)

匿名 提到...

hey...what's a cool theme! you did it well...if not, it will turn to be a funeral.... i tot u will make a colorful decoration to make a comparison to the black and white shirt theme.....anyhow, good job!

I can too participate with my white dress....now i get your meaning on my post!! hahha

Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, thanks ya!!! Indeed it is a great banquet, I like it!!!

Choy Yin:
Haha, we need to decorate it into Black and White atmosphere, so we used lots of balloons to do that... hehe... Yeah, if you can come to the Banquet, I would be happy to see that...

-waiseng- 提到...

i like the suit ur wearing. Nice

Sai Ling 提到...

ohh...u are the one who set up all the things for the banquet?so great the banquet is..well done akira..haha..why u guys set the theme as black and white?coz it sounds cold?XD
and i noticed one of the photo..there are many handsomes..hehe..

Akira 思胜 提到...

Wai Seng:
Haha, thanks ya! Borrow to u next time, if got chance... haha...

Sai Ling:
Nope, not me alone, my committees and me did all the things, and I really appreciated it. Haha. The theme has been set long time ago and we have no choice to proceed on with the plan. Handsome? haha, u want the contacts?

SuwaN, Male 提到...

Outstanding Secretary !! so nice!
ei ..
why u not appear in the getting crazy photo!! wakakakaka!

Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, thanks ya!!!
I dint appear ah, of course lar, that time still busy mar... hahaha...

friedrice 提到...

Walao....your blog so many viewer ga...O_O.....LoL....hou yeh wo....

Mei-Wah 提到...

LEO WAH SI SHENG... the entire blogger in the entire blogosphere would like to express their entire "congratulations" from the bottom of their hearts to YOU, for bringing out a successful night and winning the award too...~ (^___________^)

ur blogger friends are proud of you! i'm proud of you too~

and celebrations~~~

Zhaofarn 提到...

Gosh...i just read one of the comment about me...>_<

Jing 提到...


Barbie 提到...

Yeah! I'm proud of you too, Akira ^ ^ 2 thumbs and 10 toes up for you! Sounds stupid? Lol... Congrats!!! So many pics here <3 Luv it alot... Contact numbers? Lol...

Heya! Wat is Chao Fan? Why is that Beverly said your bad to call ur frns Chao Fan? Heh Heh curious to know :P

Zhaofarn 提到...

Let me answer that for him...thats my name...LoL...=P....

Akira 思胜 提到...

Zhao Farn:
haha, because got they all supported this blog mar... thanks to u for coming over to this blog...

haha, u are quite famous too, because of fried rice... haha... no offence ya..

Mei Wah:
Wah, dont praise until like that.. I just did my part only... But have to thanks for your encouragement before the event too...

Thanks to you once again!!!

Akira 思胜 提到...

哈哈, 谢谢你哦... 是啊, 有大约500人咯...

Haha, thanks to u too!!! Nope, not stupid at all, but I do appreciate it very much... hehe ^^

haha, the person below you answered to you already... haha... The sound of his name is same as Chao Fan (Fried Rice in mandarin)... hehe...

Zhao Farn:
haha, thanks to u also ya... so are u prepare for the video?

Fishyho 提到...

真的好多人~!那idol of leo 看起来是个帅哥呢..
你在leo社团里很活跃,要向你多多学习 =)

Akira 思胜 提到...

他是帅哥哦... 你想认识吗? 嘻嘻...
嗯, 我过后才介绍什么是LEO CLUB咯, 不然很多人都不清楚是什么社团咯...

JeromeFo令狐冲 提到...

The Anna Chan girl looks pretty =)

Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, that is for sure! My good friend wor... hehe...

levian 提到...

oh, it's not taken by you ?? i thought you were the photographer of those photographs. hehe. is he on ladder or something ??

迷迭香 提到...

good job, congratulations !! ^_^

Akira 思胜 提到...

Haha, I'm not the photographer anyway, but I was the person in charge for the Banquet, so I cant take photos also... hehe...

Haha, thanks on ur encouragement also! ^^

Chris Thoo 提到...

looks fun. Too bad I couldn't make it. :P Bet my brother had fun too..

Akira 思胜 提到...

Ya, it is kinda bad that you are not around there! I bet it will much more fun if you are around... ^^

匿名 提到...

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