2008年5月29日 星期四

Akira is away for 4 days

I will go to Ipoh on Thursday as I will be joining the Leos around Malaysia in 10th District 308 B2 Leo Forum 2008, which the theme is "Vision, Passion, Action". I will not be able to visit your blogs so often as I only will back on Sunday evening. Sorry ya guys.

In this Forum, we will have some interesting events, such as:
1) Teambuilding
2) Special Project - Recycling Items
3) Fellowship Night - Theme: Starlight Night
4) Banquet - Theme: Black and White

I will handle Banquet in this Forum, and this is my first time to take charge of this formal dinner. Wish me luck ya! I will try to post up some short posts during these periods, and check up with some of your blogs. Do come back for more photos ya!

2008年5月28日 星期三

Homemade Hainan Chicken Rice

It's dinner time!!!

As promised on last night, tonight I helped my mum to cook Hainan Chicken Rice at home, and of course, I love to eat this dish also.

I want to invite Chobits, 迷迭香, Levian, Fishyho, Mei Wah, Anne, Dragon, Piggy, 韦欣, 靓靓, Kevin, Fiona, Jimmy, Sharon, Kikey, Jennifer & 苯天使, to join me along with the dinner, because they replied to the invitation last night. So please grab your seat and wait for a while, the dinner will be served shortly.

Firstly, fry the garlic and onion until fragrant.

Wash the chicken and remove excess fat, and stuff it with salt, smashed ginger and garlic.

Pour some sesame oil to make the chicken more savory.

Add rice grains and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes with pandan leaves.

The white chicken is ready, and the aroma spreads over the kitchen. I'm going to chop the chicken into pieces.

The rice is ready too, and of course, I need to remove the pandan leaves.

Yeah, I love bean sprouts too! Just to braise them and mix with soya sauce and oyster sauce.

The Hainan Chicken Rice is ready, oops, I forgot to put cucumber on it.

, since you love chicken wing so much, so I present this dish for you.

Come on my friends, grab some bowls of the chicken rice and shall we start our dinner then? Yummy, it is so delicious!!!

2008年5月27日 星期二

Meeting up with Mei Wah & Wei Hwa

It's meeting time!!!

Some of my friends were asking who are the secret visitors from Seremban? Now I'm going to reveal them to you all! They are Mei Wah and Wei Hwa, a lovely couple I knew from blogging world. They came to Penang last weekend and I brought them to several places for delicious food and Youth Park too.

Both of them are really nice and they can talk a lots too! It is a nice moment to know them.

Beside me is Wei Hwa, a nice gentleman and he speaks politely.

I managed to bring them to taste the delicious Cucur Udang, Popiah and DimSum at Padang Brown Hawker Centre. You can go the link and view for the food photos.

Another place I brought them to is the famous Hokkien Mee in Penang at Perak Lane.

Well well well, this is the blogger I'm talking about, Mei Wah. That time we were at Youth Park, which I posted in my blog before.

A giant and the railway!

Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah in year 2008?

Wei Hwa and Mei Wah, and you both like to play with fountain?

Gosh, it is kinda hot around there!

Both of us were hanging on the air! But only can last for few seconds only =p.

Run! Run faster!

A nice tree which I found around the area.

Beautiful hillside

Marble walk

How elegant is that tree? Yeah!

Let me introduce to you all, this is Mei Wah, and of course, I'm Akira.

Red guy and Pinky guy

Small waterfall

I like this photo very much, as sunshine appeared on top of the tree!

That's all for the meeting up with them. Mei Wah, thanks for the wonderful chance to meet with you both ya, sorry if I'm not be able to accompany you both on Sunday. I'm happy and glad to meet with you both ya!

I will help my mum to cook Hainan Chicken Rice. Anyone wants to join me for dinner tomorrow? Of course I will invite you all to here. See ya!!!


2008年5月26日 星期一

Famous Apong Guan

It's tea time!!!

Today I'm going to introduce you all the famous Apong or known as Pancake in Penang. Here it is, Apong Guan, which located in front of Union Primary School, Burmah Road. The uncle, Mr Guan, has been selling the apong at the same place for almost 40 years.

The crowd around his stall showed the popularity of his famous pancake.

His stall has been published by The Star newspaper and Hou Chiak 好吃! food programme by 8TV.

What is so special about the pancake that people are willing to queue up for the taste?

Made of batter comprising corn, rice flour and eggs, the pancakes come with fillings of corn and sliced banana.

Soft and fluffy pancakes on the griddle, and almost ready!

The aroma of the pancakes spread around the stall! The pancakes can be prepared within 4 minutes time.

Each piece of pancake is just RM0.30 only!

Yummy pancake is in my hand!!! Simply delicious!!!

That's all for today, and I'm going to post about a meeting up with two secret visitors from Seremban, tomorrow. See ya!!!

2008年5月25日 星期日

"An Enchanted Evening" Charity Concert

It's concert time!!!

I went to Dewan Sri Pinang with my other 5 Leo Club members to help our Lions Club for their project - "An Enchanted Evening" Charity Concert. This project was jointly organised by Lions Club of George Town Mutiara and Penang Symphony Orchestra. It was very honour to have the famous orchestra conductor, Mr Woon Wen Kin to conduct the whole orchestra!

The souvenir programme for the night

The view of the hall on 6pm, before the event started.

We helped to collect tickets and distribute the souvenir programme to the guests attended.

Leo Kim Kek Han and Leo Kim Kek Teong were distributing the souvenir to the guests, oh ya, they are my good friends also!

The guests around the hall

The main sponsors and donors who donated quite an amount of money for the event. This concert managed to raise RM130,000 for charity funds.

Let's welcome Mr Woon, the famous orchestra conductor!

The overall view on the stage

"Phantom Opera", which played by the orchestra!

Wow, they played in so real earnest!

Sorry folks, this photo is quite blur but luckily still can see the performance around there.

"I wish to play violin someday also..." whispered by Akira, and that is a wish in his dream!

Akira and Kek Han in formal attire, to respect the occasion.

The concert ended at around 10.30pm, and we went for supper after that, since we managed to have a group occasion like that.

Sky Photo - Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back again with some sky photos!

I just came back from my Lions Club's Charity Symphony Concert, and I'm going to do a short post for today, which I want to share the photos of the sky recently.

This photo was taken after I came out from exam today! It seems like to be a sand beach for me!

So many clouds on the air!

When I reached home, I snapped a random photo and managed to get this! It's raining heavily recently!

Quite a nice view for this sky!

That's all for today, and sorry for this short post! I will post up the photos regarding to
my Lions Club's Charity Symphony Concert tomorrow!

2008年5月23日 星期五

Little Scorpion

I met up with a little scorpion in my house just now!!!

My grandfather bought back langsat this morning, and when my mother was about to take some from the plastic bag, suddenly she shouted "Mama mi ya!" and kept herself away from the bag.

I was curious that time, so I went to have a look inside. Wow, I saw a little scorpion inside!

You see how small is this scorpion?

Hello pal! My horoscope, scorpio!

Don't know this scorpion is poisonous or not? Just curious.

Today I just finished one paper of exam, and tomorrow I still got one exam to go.

After tomorrow I will enjoy my holiday, but still I got Leo Forum matters to follow up! Wish me luck ya!


Angel is coming!

This is Gundam Wing Zero, as part of my collection! Nice or not?

I will post up my collection on next week! So stay tune ya!