2007年12月26日 星期三

Aliens vs Predator 2

Wow, check it out!!! Aliens vs Predator 2 is showing in all cinemas right now...

The poster above showed AVP:R, means Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, actually is the same as AVP 2. So don't be misunderstand for the movie title.

I watched this movie yesterday, and I think the movie is one of the most anticipated movie in year 2007. Not bad for this movie and I recommended you all go for this movie before it runs out. But but but, this movie is rated under 18 SG, so be prepared before you walked into the cinema.

Aliens and Predator, are the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever.

As you can see from above, a Predator is battling with an Alien.

Wait, let me tell you some of the stories inside....

This movie picks up the event of AVP 1. The died predator, who was impregnanted by Alien before being killed by Alien Queen at the end of the first movie, gives birth to a Predalien (showed below) on the ship. The ship was crashed on Earth, as the Predalien battles with other Predators on the ship. The crash releases Aliens that quickly begin to impregnanted the residents around and create a new hive of Aliens. A Predator received the crashing news and went to Earth to destroy and eliminate Aliens. At the same time a group of townspeople caught in between the Aliens and the Predator join forces to stop the Alien infestation before the military obliterates the town to contain the Aliens before they spread.

There were lots of actions inside the movie. Hmm, a lots of weapons being used by Predator, or should I say "gadgets" around its body? haha.... Lots of Aliens being shown in the movie also.

Predalien, has the ability to produce and spread Alien eggs to human victims. It was more agile, stronger and much intelligent than other Aliens.

At last, same, Predator battled with Predalien, guess which one survived? Be sure to find out in cinema.

If you are one of the fans of Aliens or Predator movie series, be sure to watch this movie.

Alien series got 4 movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Aliens: Ressurection; while Predator only got 2 movies, Predator 1 and 2. Make sure you get DVDs for the series above, because the series is kinda old and very hard to find in shop.

That's all I wan to share with you all today. Have a nice day!!!

2007年12月25日 星期二

Xmas Celebration in Pentamaster

It is 25 December 2007 today, and I would like to take this chance to greet everyone, Merry Xmas Everybody!!!

Well, I would like to share Xmas Celebration that was carried out on last Friday. Sorry for the late posting, as I was busy around the weekends.

I worked in Pentamaster Corporation Berhad, Finance Department to be exact. All the colleagues wore red colour T-shirt together on Friday, and you noticed that what did I wear? Manchester United jersey, which I really loved it. Yeah~~ We also bought Xmas present to exchange with each other.

We decorated the office into Xmas atmosphere, and you can see from the photo taken above, looked great and nice? haha, below photos showed the presents' bazaar that we decorated.

We put one Christmas Tree together with one snow man. How nice~~~

The presents were put together and we sprayed some "white snow" around them, to make it nicer and more Xmas feelings....

Haha, now is the time to exchange presents....

Well, you can see my colleagues were gathered around and we sang a Christmas Song before proceed to exchange present "ceremony", haha...

Don't rush, everyone also will have a present.... Everyone also got one number and later took the present with number attached.

Let's open it~~~

That's all I want to share with you all that the Christmas Celebration in my office...


Merry Christmas to all of my friends!!!!

2007年12月23日 星期日

"Secret" Cup and Merry Xmas

Hohoho, Merry Christmas everyone!!!

The picture above showed one cup being painted, and you guys know the picture of that? Hehe, yup, it is "Secret" movie cute wallpaper.... The credit goes to Miss Chze Yue, Leo Club of Penang (City) member and another profession is designer. Well, she painted the cup for me, and I myself had to pay to them of course, RM15 for the cup and it will go to the charity.

Forgot to mention, I went to the club's project "Xmas Charity Bazaar" at Tesco this evening. They opened a stall and sell souvenirs in order to raise funds and donate to orphanages. Public also can give presents to them also, eventhough they bought it outside. The presents will be given to the orphans later on. This is a brand new idea for this project, and I really salutes to them because the members were very active to promote the project and hope to get more funds.

Let me show you all on some of the pictures which Miss Chze Yue was painting:

1) She drew with a pencil, with the image showed on a handphone. Thanks to Zhang Ying who provided the idea and the image.

2) Then she painted the cup with acrylic paints. She mixed some colours in order to get the painting colourful.

3) Finally she painted the cup and she adjusted the painting very carefully.

A photo with Santa Claus and Hui Yin. Who is that Santa? Haha, well, it was Mr. Ch'ng Kok Sheng, my dear friend. Hahaha, nice photo was taken.

Thanks to Chze Yue again, for the painting on the cup.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.... Wish you all the best!!!

Signing Off...

2007年12月11日 星期二

Heroes - TV Series

" Save the Cheerleader, Save the World "

Good evening. For second pose of my blog, I would like to share a TV series with you guys, namely Heroes, which I kinda love it. The official logo for this series is showed as above.

Why I love this series? Please ask me why, laugh, and I shall tell you what do I think... First of all, this is not a series which tells love, power or authority grabbing and comedy, it tells a story of humanity and the danger of the whole world. It also combines different characters' stories into one season. Second, this series was norminated the best series year 2007 in United States. Lastly, I'm quite fancy with the story inside. Simple as that, haha...

Heroes tells several people who have incredible powers and abilities. At first, they do not know about it, until they realised it. These people soon realise they have a role in stopping an armaggeddon and saving the humanity on Earth.

Stories start, and events illustrate the special ones their reactions to these powers, and how the powers affect their family, working and personal life. At the same time, some people are investigating the origins of the powers and try to extent these abilities. Of course, in a story sure have "good guy-Heroes" and "bad guy-Villians", which will bring the story to the climax. The story comes to a point that followed the tagline above, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", and all the Heroes have to work together to save the world.

How the story goes ahead? I let you all to find out yourself, and I make a guarantee here, is a must watch series! 100% guarantee for the story and make sure you get the DVDs of Heroes. I'm not trying to make an advertisement for Heroes, but I just want to share this great series to all of you.

Ok, let me share some of the characters inside, as showed below:

Claire Bennet

A cheerleader at her high school, the main character for Heroes. She has the ability to heal herself or I should say the ability to regenerate. Claire is merely immortal, as she can recover from almost any injury within seconds to minutes. She also can regenerate a missing part on her body, except her head (brain).

She is the target of Villians, why, because the bad guy wants to use the power for the bad things.

Hiro Nakamura

I liked him...

He worked in an office, who one day discovers he has the power to teleport, stop time and travel through time by manipulating time and space. Hiro is cute, and the happy nut for this series, who can make viewers for Heroes relief and enjoy to watch next.

He aspires to the pure heroism of comic book crime fighters, by shouldering the responsibilities to use his power for good. But sometimes, you can see that he lost in travelling to the past, and that is the funniest part.

Peter Petrelli
A house nurse, and sooner he discovers he has the ability to absorb other people powers and use for himself. At first, he thought he could fly because his brother also can fly. But actually Peter absorbs his brother power and recall it.

He is the main and the most important character in Heroes, which can lead to the success or failure of the saving world objective.

Well, I just mentioned three main characters and the rest characters you need to find out in the series. You will across with people who has mind reading ability, a normal resident with the power to see future, one posseses the power of nuclear and many more.

Ok, is kinda too long for this pose, I hope you all will enjoy it. Before I put an end for this pose, I would like to share two screenshots which I think might attract you all. Enjoy~~~

Thanks for reading the crapping above. Haha...

"Yatta!!!" Hiro shouted "I made it!!" in the middle of New York, where he successfuly teleported to there, but is 5 weeks later after his actual time in Japan.

A paint showed a nuclear explosion in New York, which drew by a hero in this series, who can see the future for a quite few moments.

2007年12月10日 星期一

The first...

Hi there!

How are ya doing there? Hope you all doing fine there....

Well, this is my official blog, which will share about my experience and the life about me. Delicious food, nice movie and anime, songs, places or anything nice topics will be shared with you guys...

So please be patient for my second post, as I'm still trying to do a better blog, as well can say as still in learning process how to do a blog. Laugh haha...

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave at here.

Lastly, thanks for visiting and hope to see you all again.