2008年2月29日 星期五

Johnny's Restaurant

Few days ago, I received a good news that one of my friends, Beng Guan, came back from China. We have a nice gathering together with some friends. For the dinner, I suggested to bring him to Johnny's Restaurant, which located at Queensbay Mall, Basement, just beside Wong Kok Restaurant.

This restaurant offers Thai cuisine to everyone, not too spicy and not too sour, which can fit most of the Malaysians taste. Among my friends, most of them said the food here is quite delicious and the price is cheaper as compare to other Thai restaurant.

The menu, oh ya, this restaurant also offers Thai steamboat to all the diners.

From the menu above, you can choose a set dinner or lunch for yourself, just for RM8.90 (which included main course, tom yam soup, Thai tea and ice cream). You can choose either rice or noodle as your main course, from 15 types of selections.

Tom yam soup, yummy, not too spicy and not too sour.

Well, I ordered Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, and you can see from above, the fried rice is nicely garnished, right? The right is the Thai tea, which is refillable.

One of my friend ordered Thai Chicken Noodle. Looked like Wan Tan Mee, am I right? But the taste is different and one word to describe it, Nice.

Lastly, my ice cream is served. Again, you can choose one scoop from 6 type of flavours.

Well guys, if you are looking for Thai cuisine, this restaurant maybe can be your destination for your lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

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P/S: I will be going to Ipoh tomorrow, and looking for delicious food to eat. =p

2008年2月28日 星期四

Shinjutei Japanese Restaurant

On last Sunday, I went to have lunch with my ex-colleagues who worked in Western Digital. As usual, they asked me where to go, because I was the food-finding expert among them. I suggested to go Shinjutei Japanese Restaurant. It is located at Cantonment Road, Pulau Tikus, just opposite of Public Bank.

I like to go this restaurant, because the food inside is super duper delicious, service is excellence and the price is ok (lunch set around RM10-RM15, dinner set around RM12-RM18). Oh ya, I think Shinjutei as the best Japanese Restaurant in Penang.

Nice chopstick

The traditional japanese green tee, ocha.

Sashimi again!!! We ordered Sashimi Moriawase as our appertizer. Love it very much, yummy!!!

My lunch was served, Chicken Apple Curry, yeah, another delicious japanese cuisine.

My friend's lunch, Seafood Tempura with garlic rice. Well, the garlic rice can be add-on on every set by added RM2 only. The garlic rice there is delicious, and I love it also.

The popular Chicken Teriyaki set, sweet and salty sauce on the chicken.
Lastly, we ordered Ebi Gyoza (Prawn Dumplings) to fill up our stomach. Again, nice!

For those who love to eat Japanese Cuisine, I strongly recommend this restaurant to you. Is a must go destination for lunch, the reason is simple, the food there is delicious, no doubt about it.

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2008年2月27日 星期三


Interesting sign!!!

I found this at Martini Cafe's washroom a.k.a toilet. You see above, quite interesting right? The cafe is encouraging guy to peep on girl? Or just for fun only?

How do you think?

2008年2月26日 星期二

Martini Cafe

After the birthday dinner we had at Kocha Taiwanese Delight, we looked at the time, gosh, the night is still early, so we decided to go Martini Cafe, which located at Gurney Drive, just beside Silverton Condominium.

This cafe is like a bistro, and it just opened few months ago. The environment inside is good for relaxation and chatting around with friends, along with some drinks.

The menu, oh ya, the price for the drink is reasonable.

Blue Lagoon cocktail, sorry guys, I did not open flash light to take this photo.

Here comes my favorite, Cappucino!!!

The mini board game on each table, well, click this photo to enlarge it and you will see how interesting it will be.

The scene inside the cafe

The scene inside the cafe, well, how do you think? Relax?

We sit beside window, gosh, don't play with the straws.

Friendship forever and Happy Birthday to my dear friend.

Just trying on a cocktail, hehe.

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2008年2月24日 星期日

Cover Guy

Haha, so nice...

Thanks to the tag by Miyuki, I'm on the cover of Maxim magazine.

To my dear friends:

1) Mei Theng

2) Kok Sheng

3) Beverly

4) Dragon

4) Sai Ling

Want to appear on cover page too? Just go to here.

Kocha Taiwanese Delight 台湾古早味

After Leo Idol Audition on the evening, I went to Kocha Taiwanese Delight for my best friend, Boon Wah's birthday dinner. The restaurant is located at Burma Road, just beside 1926 Heritage Hotel Penang.

It served Taiwanese Food mostly and it is a good place to go for dinner, because the environment is good and the service there also friendly. For the price, it is reasonable and affordable. The most important for the food quality, I only can say is simply delicious and yummy!!!

The light beside our table, and the light was written along with chinese words. Simply nice.

The aquarium behind our table

The flowers were surrounded by lights.

The scenery inside the restaurant

The scenery inside the restaurant

The plate, chinese spoon and steel chopstick, which served to you before dinner.

Honeydew milk tea

Fresh fruits as our appertizers.

BBQ Pork Set, which served along with vegetables, soup, minced pork rice and desert.

Kimchi Set, and it is a favorite dish for sour and spicy lovers!

My dinner for the night, Salmon Steak Set.

Salmon Steak, I'm going to eat you, =)

Salty Fried Squids for our snack. Salty a bit but delicious and crunchy.
Group photo with the birthday boy who sit on the middle.
A guy who loves to take photo and this photo was taken in washroom, gosh~

Folks, if you are searching for something special as your dinner, you might can consider this place as your destination. Well, the food there is nice and delicious. I think it will meet your satisfaction for sure.

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Leo Idol Audition 2008, Penang

For today's post, is regarding to Leo Idol Audition which organised by Leo Clubs in Penang.

This event, District 308 B2 Region 1 & 2 Leo Idol Audition 2008 was held on 23 February (which is just now) and it is opened to Leo Clubs' members only. This event was carried out at Han Chiang College. Well, we decided to carry out this audition in "close door" method, which the contestants sing in front of judges only.

Contestants registered themselves during registration period.
A lots of contestants who wish to be the next Leo Idol.

Group of young contestants

One of the contestant prepared to perform for the best.

A group photo among Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls' High School and some Lions. We were honoured to have the visit of International Director Elect, PCC Ellis Suriyati from Sarawak.

40 contestants participated into this event, but we only chose the best 10 among them. Those finalists will be competed again in our Region 1 & 2 Leo Idol Final Round, which will be held either at Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall, on 23rd March 2008. I will post out the photos for final round after that.

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2008年2月23日 星期六

T-Bowl Restaurant (Toilet Concept)

I went to Queensbay just now, after my uncle serviced my car for me. Thanks.

Actually I have no idea where to have my lunch that time, but suddenly I thaught of one new restaurant recently opened at there, so I decided to have a try.

So you all can see from above photo, the name for this restaurant is called T-Bowl Restaurant which designed in Toilet Concept. Quite interesting I guessed.

The front view or entrance of the restaurant. As you can see, a lots of closestools 马桶 being displayed. =p

Basin as table, got glass on top of it.

Haha, this toilet seat as my chair. Looked funny, right?

Other table's design

The scene inside the restaurant, the place is not that big but the environment is good. Well, you folks noticed the shower on the wall?

My lunch for the day. Honestly, this is called Toilet Concept Chicken Rice 招牌马桶鸡肉饭, RM13.90, and I don't think it is worth, because taste is not that good (below my expectation) and the portion is very small.

Another thing I want to comment is, the waiters inside are not polite enough. My personal point of view is, service in a restaurant is important and it will help to get more customers. How you guys think

Designs on the front view

Some souvenirs being displayed

The wall behind us, and it is for illustration purpose only. =p

Well, my opinion towards this newly restaurant in Queensbay is ok only. I would like to suggest them put more efforts on services and food qualities. Nice designs for the environment will not attract more customers in future. Don't you agree?

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