2008年10月31日 星期五

Resign Because of Blogging!?

Just a sharing with you all. Will you face this situation where you are addicted to blogging until you need to resign?

Blogging is good, but don't too "addicted" ya!!! Happy Weekend ya!!! =)

跟你们分享吧. 你们会遇到以上的情况吗? 你有可能沉迷于部落格或"中毒"到得辞职吗?

上部落格是好的, 不过别太过"中毒"哦!!! 周末愉快!!!

2008年10月30日 星期四

My Photos during Working

It's Photo Time!!!

Upon a request from my friend, Rachel, who wants to have a look for my photos during the time when I was working last year. For your information, I worked in Finance Department of Western Digital and Pentamaster Corporation last year as Accounts Administrator. It was a fruitful year for me, as I gained lots of experience inside the office.

This is the Account team in Western Digital during last year. Well, can you recognise me?

Hajimemashite!!! We were required to wear japanese attire during one of the working days, and that time it was very funny!!!

We also went for some gatherings after office hour!!! Yummy steamboat!!!

Thanks to my colleagues for the farewell dinner, as I'm leaving for a new environment.

This is the Xmas Celebration during the time when I worked in Pentamaster Corporation. Gosh, most of the colleagues wore the same!!!

Now, I'm no longer working anymore... I'm a full time student who is pursuing for Marketing Degree (Anglia Ruskin University) currently...

2008年10月29日 星期三


It's Present Time!!!

上两星期前, 我收到了秀茵姐寄来的礼物, 是本小说哦! 呵呵, 当时是我在她的部落格里的猜书名竞赛里获奖呢!!! 收到这小说的时候, 感觉很开心呢!!!

做个报答, 我就来介绍这本书吧...

小天堂, 是秀茵姐的第四本小说, 你说对了, 她就是在大马很有名气的作者呢!!!


深绿薏是个有点儿任性又爱幻想的女孩. 刚小学毕业的她, 趁着学校假期到舅舅民宿打工. 舅舅的民宿坐落在咔咔海滩, 名字叫做"小天堂". 其实, 她这次到民宿打工的目的, 是为了要寻找一个在互联网认识的朋友­--- 海蓝. 绿薏和海蓝从来没有见过面, 甚至连照片都没有看过, 两人都很有默契地保持了这分神秘感, 言谈之间从来不问对方的性别, 年龄或是家庭背景. 每次绿薏遇到困难时, 海蓝都会给予她很好的意见, 因此, 当她知道海蓝将会去咔咔海滩度假, 她便决定到哪里去看看对方.

在小天堂, 绿意认识了同样灾民宿打工的小柔, 到咔咔海滩学习冲浪的王子, 在海滩卖风筝赚钱的水蔚, 还有郁郁寡欢的房客燕姐姐. 她在这个全新的生活里经历了一些甜酸苦辣, 不知不觉中学习了许多宝贵的东西, 这是她意想不到的收获.

阅读《小天堂》是一段美好的旅程, 读者将会与小说的主人翁一样, 得到意想不到的收获.

其实我也想说, 我也很高兴可以认识你呢!!! 约定你下次在KL见面哦!!! 期待看到你的真人呢!!!

我就在这里帮她打个广告吧, 呵呵...

邓秀茵 - 当守护神遇上天使

出生于10月6日, 深信天秤座的子民是美貌与智慧并重的代表. 拥有犹豫不决的天秤座性格,.感觉和理智经常交战. 喜欢一切美丽的事物, 所以凡事追求完美, 常常搞得自己喘不过气!

爱幻想, 因此把无限想象力发挥在小说里, 十分过瘾. 崇尚自由快乐, 极度盼望自己的小说可以给读者带来欢乐. 作品:《纯纯的守护神》《记忆天使》《月亮城》《小天堂》

谢谢秀茵姐送的小说作礼物呢!!! 呵呵, 也得到了秀茵姐宝贵的签名哦!!! =3

小说的里面还有一张精致的书签呢!!! 嘻嘻, 看到流星飞过呢!!!




小说后面的图画, 简单又不失华丽.

对了, 在这里还要谢谢秀茵姐上次去沙巴过后寄来的手信呢!!! 我会好好收藏着的呢!!! 谢谢你哦!!!!

各位, 你们有阅读过她的作品吗? 我觉得她的作品都写得很温馨, 能触动读者的每一寸心灵呢!!! 也能感受到她在写这小说的用心和付出呢!!!

有兴趣购买的朋友们, 可以到这
"网站"去订购呢, 上网订购有特别优惠哦, 还可以得到作者的签名呢!!!

2008年10月28日 星期二

Fo Yi: Visit to Fire Station

It's Visiting Time!!!

Last Sunday, we brought the children from Sunday Class of Penang Buddhist Free School Ex-Pupils' Association, to visit Penang Fire Station and provide a chance for them to get more basic knowledge on how to prevent of fire cases.

上个星期天, 我们带了槟城佛教义学校友会周日班的学生去参观了槟城消防局, 以让他们获取更多防范火灾的基本知识.

We are going to there right now ya!!! 好了, 我们要起程了哦!!!

The front view of the Fire Station 消防局的前景

The equipments of Firefighters 消防部队的装备

The fire engines 消防车

The fire fighting superbikes 消防摩多

The sergeants who conducted a short seminar to the children.

Let's go for the visiting!!! 开始参观了哦!!!

Listen, don't leave the team ya!!! 听着, 不要离开队伍哦!!!

Listen properly!!! 听好好哦!!!

Do you see the little girl who wore the firefighter's costume?

Wow, you all really climbed up to the fire engine!!!
哇, 你们真的是上到了消防车呢!!!

Have a group photo before we left the station!

Lastly, of course is yours truly, ride on the bike!!!
最后, 当然是我啦, 骑上摩多呢!!!

This visit was a meaningful one, as the students gained some knowledge in their daily life.

这是个很有意义的参观呢, 因为那些学生吸取了不少关于基本生活的知识呢.

2008年10月27日 星期一

Meeting up with Jeff

It's Meeting Time!!!

Blogging world is a very special place for everyone, where you can meet lots of friends inside there. Few days ago, I got the chance to meet a nice blogger, Jeff Yi Fong, who came to Penang for holiday trip.

部落格的世界真的是很特别的, 在里面你可以遇到很多朋友呢. 几天前, 我有机会去见到来槟城玩乐的一位博友, Jeff 乙峰.

Jeff Yi Fong is a new blogger who stepped into blogging world for 2 months only. He is a Ipoh Mali who went to Perlis for the study of Electronics Engineering. He is quite tall and the most important thing is, he really can talk a lots!!!

Jeff 乙峰, 是一位刚刚加入部落格世界差不多两个月的新博友. 他是位怡保人, 不过去了玻璃市进修电子系的课程. 他很高呢, 不过最重要的是, 他是位善谈的朋友呢!!!

Nice to meet you my friend, and wish ya all the best for the upcoming exams ya!!! Work hard ya!!

很高兴可以认识到你呢, 祝你在即将来临的考试中一切顺利呢!!! 要加油哦!!!

2008年10月26日 星期日

Breakfast Time!!!

It's Breakfast Time!!!

Everyone also need to take breakfast everyday, so what are you going to eat for today? Bread, sandwiches, cereal, milk, milo, or...... or.... nothing???

I went for breakfast this morning with some friends at Pulau Tikus, yeah, I love breakfast sometimes!!! Because I can have the delicious breakfast there!!!

New Cathay Cafe, which located at Pulau Tikus. The place is full of people nearly every morning!!!

Simple breakfast, two half-boiled eggs, toasted breads and ice bandung.

I love this stall, which offers the delicious Chinese pancake in Penang!!! It is also being named as Hou Chiak!!!

The Chinese pancake is a combination of banana and raisins.

Wow, do you see it? Feeling wanna have a bite? Yeah, this is the famous Chinese pan cake which can be found at the cafe, Pulau Tikus!!!

So what is your breakfast normally for each day?

2008年10月25日 星期六

Happy Birthday to Sharon and Joon Mama!!!

A special dedication to two friends of mine, Sharon and Joon Mama ...
一个特别奉献给我的两位朋友, Sharon浚妈妈 ...

Today 25 Oct is a birthday of a friend, and who is that? Yup, you guessed correctly, is someone at Singapore, Sharon!!! By the way, tomorrow 26 Oct, is a birthday of a friend too!!! That one is a cute lady, Joon Mama!!!

今天10月25日, 是位朋友的生日哦, 而那会是谁呢? 对了, 你猜对了, 是一位来自新加玻的朋友,
Sharon!!! 不过, 明天10月26日, 也是一位朋友的生日哦!!! 那是一位可爱的女士, 浚妈妈哦!!!

Happy Birthday ya!!! 生日快乐哦!!!

Sharon - Somewhere in Singapore

A blogger who likes to take photos around in Singapore and share with us inside her blog. It is very nice, as we can know the beautiful places in Singapore.

Wow, looks yummy!!! Sharon used to take photos about the delicious food!!!

In fact, now we only realize that there are quite a number of roadshows in Singapore! Thanks to Sharon, who provided the information to us!!!

接下来就是浚妈妈啦, 关于她哦, 是"幽默搞笑, 脾气爆燥... 但可以肯定我是严肃又善良的妈妈~~~", 哈哈, 很可爱吧? 你去到她的部落格一定会笑笑的, 因为哦, 那边有很多可爱的猴子在跳来跳去呢... 呵呵...

在她的部落格里, 当然是少不了美味又好吃的美食啦... 看她介绍到这么棒, 我的口水都流出来了啦... =p

还有还有, 是她的心肝宝贝, 可爱的阿浚啦... 我们可以无时无刻从她的部落格看到她一家的温馨照片呢!!! 祝福她们哦!!!


Sharon浚妈妈, 生日快乐哦!!! 祝福你们心想事成和幸福愉快哦!!!
Y ( ^ _ ^ ) Y

Best wishes from me, and all the best in future undertakings ya!!!

2008年10月24日 星期五

Happy Birthday to you, Vincent!

A special dedication to my good friend, Vincent...
一个特别奉献给我的好朋友, Vincent大佬...

Today is 25 October, and this handsome guy, Vincent, will be celebrating his birthday. Yup, I'm not joking, is his birthday!!! Happy Birthday to you ya!!!

今天是10月25日, 而这位帅哥,
Vincent大佬, 将会庆祝他的生日呢. 是的, 我没在开玩笑哦, 是他的生日哦!!! 生日快乐哦!!!

Vincent Cho - | PARADISE | 自己·字迹 |

"About him







Vincent, an active and awesome blogger, and you guys sure have known about him right? Well, his blog is just being nominated in the Top 10 Recommended Blogs in Malaysia!! How awesome!!!

Vincent, 一位很活跃又很棒的博友, 我相信大家都应该认识他了吧? 他的部落格刚刚被入围了十大推荐部落格呢!! 这么厉害哦!!!

He loves his wife very much, as we can know about it through his blog. His words, his expressions, and his feelings can touch the heart of everyone who read his blog!!!

我们都知道他很爱他的老婆呢. 他的文笔, 他的表情和他的感情, 真的可以让每个读者感动呢!!!

He also received quite a number of presents and souvenirs from his blog's friends!!! That is so nice!!!

他也收到了很多博友送出的礼物和手信哦!!! 感觉很好呢!!!

He loves to eat also, you see, so many delicious food around his blog!!! He introduced the food with simple descriptions and gosh, I'm hungry again!!!

他很喜欢吃的呢, 你看, 这么多好吃的
美食在他的部落格里头!!! 他用了简单的介绍来推荐那些美食呢, 啊, 我又肚子饿了!!!

He even attended some bloggers gathering too! Too bad is in KL, or else I will join along too! Hehe!

他还出席了博友的聚会呢! 可惜是在KL啊, 不然我也会参一脚呢! 呵呵!


Vincent, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you will like this gift ya!
Y ( ^ _ ^ ) Y

Best wishes from me, and all the best in future undertakings ya!!!