2008年8月31日 星期日

It's Finally Over!!!

It's finally over!!!

Today is the Region 1 Leo Clubs Joint Induction and Installation cum Charity Movie with Orphans at GSC Gurney Plaza. Although it was tired during the preparation, but this event is a success one. Indeed, I'm happy with the outcome of the event.

Here are some of the photos during the event, and there are more to come ya!!!

The Leo members waited for registration and there was total of 350 pax inside.

The crowd in front of registration table and the checkpoint of Cinema.

That's me, gave the welcoming speech to the Leos and Lions attended.

The Leos and Lions enjoyed and sit in the cinema.

A group photograph with Children from St. Joseph's Home.

There are lotsa more photos to come, stay tune ya! Yeah, finally can get some rest after the event.

2008年8月30日 星期六

Tomorrow is the day...

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Yeah, tomorrow is the 51th Independence Day for Malaysia, and what will I do for tomorrow?

I'm going to carry out Region 1 Leo Clubs Joint Induction and Installation cum Charity Movie with Orphans on 11am, at GSC Gurney Plaza, together with my committed committees. This is the first time that Leo Clubs to carry out this formal function in cinema. Quite excited for it!!!

Recently I was very busy with the preparation and the arrangement, and luckily I got some friends who supported me, and not to forget, the one who supported me all the time, my only her... Thanks to you all ya!!!

Well, I'm going to finalise all the stuffs and get to rest earlier later. Hope the event will be a successful one! See ya guys later!!! Wish you all have a nice weekend ya!!!

2008年8月29日 星期五

Finally... It came...

It's present time!!!

Finally it came to my house safely, I really thought it had been missing somewhere at post office and it nearly caused me want to burn it down!!! What is the item? Yeah, it is a present from Niger, a lovely mother who likes to blog.

终于都到达我的家, 我还以为在邮政局里失踪了呢, 而且我还打算放火烧掉邮政局呢!!! 那个东西是什么呢? 耶, 是喜欢写部落格的小薰妈妈寄来的礼物.

Although the box became like this, but still the item inside remained okay.

虽然盒子变成了这样子, 不过里面的物品还是好好的.

Yeah, it is the DIY rabbit!!! I have been waiting for so long, and finally reached my place!

耶, 是DIY小兔子呢!!! 我等待它的出现很久了呢, 终于到达我的手中了!

Thanks to your handmade rabbit ya, it is so nice!!! I will keep it nicely!!!

谢谢你亲手制作的小兔子哦, 真的很美很好看呢! 我会好好收藏的!!!

Haha, let me answer your questions ya, you are the 14th person to send me present, and sorry ya, I'm not free to carry out any event for you guys, as I'm very busy with 31 Aug event recently. Sorry ya!!!

哈哈, 让我来回答你的问题哦, 你是第十四位朋友寄礼物给我的哦, 还有啊, 对不起呢, 最近我很没空于国庆日的活动, 所以我无法举办任何竞赛活动呢. 不好意思哦!!!

Thanks to your DIY rabbit ya! I like it very much! Happy Blogging ya!!!

谢谢你的DIY小兔子呢! 我很喜欢哦! 博客万岁!!!

2008年8月28日 星期四

KL Trip: Korea Qing Zhou Restaurant

It's lunch time!!!

As we left Sri Petaling Ipoh Chicken Rice, we direct went to MidValley City to meet up with Ryan and Thian Liyn who came down from Penang, and all of us attended UKM convocation too! One of our Cheras friend, Mei Chi, also joined us along. She suggested to go Korea Qing Zhou Restaurant for lunch.

Korea Qing Zhou Restaurant, located at the top floor of MidValley City.

The menu

Ginseng Tea, yeah, felt so refreshing after that!

The starters

Kim Chee Jjijeh (Spicy), a boiled kim chee stew and rice. This is a nice dish I would say, the kim chee's flavour really fit the taste!

Dwen-Jang Jjikeh, a boiled traditional soya bean paste, vegetables and rice. Well, I think this is a nice dish for all Korean food lover!!! (Not for me, because I love Japanese food more than Korean!)

A group photo before we left the restaurant.

Next station, we will have Ninja running around the restaurant!!! Ninja? Are you kidding? The answer is nope, I'm serious!!! Wanna see the photos? Just stay tune ya!!!

2008年8月27日 星期三

Wall E Premiums

Yeah, I received a parcel this afternoon, and it was very huge! Thanks to the sender, Ah Xiang. What are the items inside? Please don't be misunderstood, as these items are not presents again. What to know more? Go to here.

耶, 今天下午我又收到包裹了, 而这次的包裹很大呢! 谢谢阿香! 里面是什么东西呢? 请别误会哦, 因为里面不是她送的礼物哦. 想知道详情, 请按这里.

Actually I want to give something special to the orphans during Charity Movie with Orphans, so I made an appeal to request some items from movie distributor. Yeah, I got 50 sheets of Wall E posters and some premium items. But the problem is, I have to go down Petaling Jaya to collect the items, so I asked Ah Xiang to collect on behalf of me and then she sent to me yesterday. Go to here for more details.

其实我想给在与孤儿电影观赏会的那些孤儿一些特别的礼物, 所以我就向电影批发公司讨几样物品. 耶, 我得到了50张Wall E的海报和一些周边产品. 不过问题是我得去八打灵再也的公司领取那些周边产品, 所以我就拜托阿香帮我领取先, 然后在昨天寄给我呢. 想知道详情, 请按这里.

The parcel is so heavy, and the weight is 6kg in total!!!

那个包裹真的很重, 六公斤是它们的重量呢!!!

This is the poster of Wall E, and I'm sure the orphans will love the movie and posters too!!!

这就是Wall E的海报了, 而且我相信那些孤儿一定会喜欢那部电影和海抱呢!!!

The poster is kinda huge and it would be nice to hang on the wall!

这海报有点大张, 我想挂在墙上一定会很棒吧!!!

I received some premium items too! And these are the Wall E mouse pads!!! Very cute, right? We will select the lucky orphans to give to.

周边产品呢! 这就是Wall E的滑鼠板!!! 很可爱吧? 我们会送个幸运的孤儿.

Have some more too, and these are the Wall E paddle bat!!!

还有一些呢, 而这些就是Wall E的球拍呢!!!

Thanks to the movie distributor, our committees really appreciated it!!! And thanks to Ah Xiang who sent the items to me!!!

衷心感谢电影批发公司, 对此我们筹委会很感激呢!!! 还有要谢谢阿香, 因为她寄了那些物品给我呢!!!

2008年8月26日 星期二

Marks & Spencer's Cappuccino and Redcurrant Puffs

It's present time!!!

Yeah, I received present from a good friend of mine in blogging world, and she is Ah Xiang. Guess what, this time she sent me the products from Marks & Spencer!!!

我又收到礼品了!!! 这次是一位部落格里的好朋友, 阿香寄来的. 她寄来了Marks & Spencer的产品哦!!!

This time she sent me Instant Cappuccino, Redcurrant Puffs and some strawberry sweets.

她寄来了即泡卡布奇诺, 莓子酱泡芙和几粒草莓糖果.

Don't care anymore, open up the box and enjoy first!!! Yummy, it is so crunchy!!!

不管了, 先打开包装然后慢慢享受!!! 很好吃哦, 感觉很脆呢!!!

Now I'm going to make the cappuccino, with the chocolate topping.

现在我要去冲卡布奇诺了, 加上巧克力粉呢.

Yeah, a simple cappuccino, really can release some of my tensions! I love it very much!

耶, 一杯简单的卡布奇诺, 真的可以舒解我的压力呢! 超爱它的!

Do you know that the foam on top of the cappuccino acts as an insulator and helps retain the heat of the liquid, allowing it to stay hotter longer.

你知不知道该泡沫对上方的卡布奇诺作为一个保护层, 并有助保持热的液体, 允许它留在更长又热的时间.

2008年8月25日 星期一

KL Trip: Ipoh Chicken Rice

It's lunch time!!!

On the second day, after the meeting up with Vincent and Fiona, we went to Sri Petaling for lunch, before we went to meet with friends at MidValley City. Again, Yan Chee brought me to a nice place for lunch, which is the Ipoh Chicken Rice. Let me explain first, we cannot have the chicken rice at Ipoh because by the time we left Ipoh, the time is still early yet.

The outlook of the restaurant

Inner kitchen

The menu

The white chicken 白斩鸡, and the hokkien people used to call this "Beh Cham Geh".

The famous Char Siew 叉烧 and Siew Yuk 烧肉. Levian, you successfully influenced me! The Pork is so nice!!! Oops...

Local favorite, Bean Sprout with Soya Sauce 招牌芽菜. It is a normal dish, but taste quite delicious.

Well, this is the lunch for both of us!!!

Next station, we will be heading to MidValley City to meet some friends from Penang. And of course, we will try some other food too! Is about Korean Food, stay tune ya!!!

2008年8月24日 星期日

倒数一星期... Charity Movie with Orphans...

7 days remaining 倒数一星期...

Busy life for the moment 忙碌的生活

Still got one week remaining, what am I going to do on 31 August 2008?

还有七天, 我会在8月31日做什么呢?

District 308 B2 Region 1 Omega and Alpha Leo Clubs Joint Induction and Installation cum Charity Movie with Orphans

国际狮子会308 B2区第一专区少狮会

Recently I'm quite busy with the event mentioned above, and this is a major project to me as Organising Chairperson. Together with 11 Leo Clubs in Penang, we will carry out the Joint Induction and Installation, and follow by a Charity Movie with Orphans which the movie is Wall E, at GSC Gurney Plaza, on 31 August 2008. As for the orphans, we have invited 30 kids from St. Joseph's Home to watch the movie with us. The objective is to share happiness of life and to create awareness on how the orphans deserved to be treated like other children.

最近的我, 都很忙于上述的活动, 这是一项大型的活动, 而我也是筹委主席. 连同槟城的11间少狮会, 我们将在GSC Gurney Plaza, 8月31日举办新会员入会仪式及执委会宣誓就职礼暨与孤儿电影观赏会, 而Wall E就是这次的电影. 我们已经邀请了30位St Joseph's Home 的孤儿跟我们一起观赏. 宗旨是为了与孤儿们一起分享生活的乐趣, 以及强调孤儿们也应该得到与普通孩子们应有的待遇.

This will be a special event for the clubs as it is going to be the first time ever Induction and Installation to be carried out in a cinema hall. Any pressure to me? Yeah, I have to make sure everything to run smoothly.

这将是一个特别的活动, 因为它将会是少狮会有史以来第一次在戏院里举办就职礼. 我会有压力吗? 当然有, 我得确保一切进行顺利.

Still got 7 days to go, way to go!!!

还有七天, 但愿一切顺利!!!

2008年8月23日 星期六

Zodiac - Aquarius

It's zodiac time!!!

It is the eleventh zodiac, guess what, it is the turn of Aquarius!!! I just got few friends who are in this zodiac, and let's check it out!!!

Special Dedication to: 小熊, Beverly, 宅鱼, Ivanov,
静如, Terence, Prudence, Jia Fern and Janice.

AQUARIUS 水瓶 (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is the eleventh astrological sign in Zodiac.

水瓶, 掌水者, 是在占星里排名第十一的星座.

-Witty 机智-
-Innovative 创新-

-Frank 坦白-

-Idealistic 唯心主义-


-Stubborn 顽固-

-Sarcastic 讽刺-

-Rebellious 叛逆-
-Aloof 冷淡-

-Unpredictable 无法预知-

Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, unconventionality and intellectual independence. Aquarius are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their own way. Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another.

水瓶座是有远见的迹象, 异常和智力的独立性. 水瓶座会远离人群而走上自己的路. 虽然在冷淡和分离的情况下, 水瓶座往往还是会想办法去帮助朋友.

Aquarius personality is very independent, any attempt to hold them down or restrict them will cause them, to flee. They need to be free to be on their own.Independence is not just desired by Aquarius, it is essential to their well being.

水瓶座的个性是非常独立的, 任何企图将推翻他们或限制他们, 会导致他们逃离. 他们需要自由. 独立不仅是水瓶座所期望的, 而是他们必要的.

They are verbally skilled and very witty, they observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation. They can be masters of manipulation justifying anything they do or think. As a result, they can deal with any type of personality and adapt to any situation.

他们是在口头上熟练和非常机智, 他们从观察人并学习如何与他人互动. 因此, 们可以处理任何类型的个性和适应任何情况.

Aquarius tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way. Their stubbornness sometimes causes their failure, they will continue to do something their way even though others have proved it is wrong. They are very smart people and know it is wrong but they will continue just because it is their way, they are very fixed in opinion and stubborn when confronted.

水瓶座往往会叛逆, 以得到他们自己的方式. 他们的固执, 会导致失败, 他们会继续做一些他们的方式, 即使别人已经证明这是错误的. 他们是非常聪明人, 也知道这是错误的,罢但他们将继续只因为这是他们的方式, 他们是非常固定在意见和顽固.


Do you have any friends who are Aquarius too? How do you think on their characteristics? Just share with us more on that.

水瓶座的吗? 你觉得他们的特征是如何呢? 跟大家一起分享吧.

2008年8月22日 星期五

The Boulevard Restaurant - Part 1

It's dinner time!!!

My dad brought the family to New World Park and have dinner at The Boulevard Restaurant, after he read about a good review about that restaurant. It was a classy restaurant, with a 5 stars chef inside and together with nice decorated environment.

The Boulevard Restaurant, which located at New World Park.

The table settings

The kitchen, which can be seen by the customers. Of course, the chefs need to be cautious and be ready all the time.

The view inside the restaurant

The menu, which you can choose ala-carte or semi buffet dinner for dinner.

Family photo, with my sister, mum and dad.

Complimentary French Onion Soup, which will serve along with the main course.

This is my sister's order, Grilled Rib Eye Steak served with Baked Potato and Red Wine Sauce. Although I cant eat any beef, but according to her, this is absolutely delicious!!!

Braised Black Cod Fish served with Pickled Vegetable and Orange, Carrot, Ginger Sauce. My mum's favourite for this, and this is a 5 stars cuisine! Yummy and it is finger licking good!

My dad ordered this, Crusted Rack of Lamb served with Baked Potato and Herb Garlic Sauce. So funny, he came here just wanted to taste this, because the review wrote that this cuisine is 5 stars too! How do you think from the outlook?

The dessert, Steamed Ice Cream with Sour Apples. Yummy, the ice cream is so special!

Wait wait wait, where is mine? I haven't got my dinner yet! Well, stay tune for the next post ya, I will introduce the Semi-Buffet Dinner to you all!

2008年8月20日 星期三

KL Trip: Marché Movenpick Restaurant

It's supper time!!!

After the dessert at Food Foundry, we went to Cineleisure Damansara for the movie Meet Dave. It is a hilarious and funny comedy! But where we went to before the movie?

Yeah, we went to The Streets, just located at The Curve. It is so crowded!!! I think this is a great open air lifestyle experience!!!

As we still got some time for supper, Yan Chee lead me and went to Marché Movenpick Restaurant.

Marché (mar-shay), which means "market" in French, is a creative, colorful and innovative restaurant concept developed by the Swiss-based Movenpick Group.

The restaurant's concept is just like a market, where you put your order and collect the food after that.

Each stall packs a mountain of fresh produce, ready to be chopped, diced, fried, steamed, boiled and baked the minute you put in your order.

They don’t have a menu here but the names and prices of dishes are clearly indicated on a board above each “cart station”. And if you need more information, just ask the chef.

Everyone, listen up!!! This is a must try dish, Cream of Mushroom Soup, it is much better than you could ever get from a can! Well, this is very delicious, delicious, delicious indeed!

He ordered Jumbo Sausages too, one Lamb and one Chicken. It is so so so yummy, with cheese inside too!!!

Before we left the restaurant, we have two glasses of coffee and I think, Starbucks Coffee is much way better!

That's all folks for the day one at KL, and there are lotsa more to come, just stay tune ya!!!